Saturday, May 19, 2012


We have been sick. Strep throat.  yuck.

I bought a new rug a couple of weeks ago.. and it is one of my favorite things-- but it is getting dirty.  What to do? What to do? 

My van stopped working LAST Monday (that would be Monday a week ago) and was in the shop all week-- we just got it back on Monday that would be this Monday) and on Wednesday it stopped working-- different problem.  Yes, I know.

Dave has been on a  trial since last Thursday.  Hung Jury.  He had a rough time of and has yet to process all his thoughts-- a girl is dead, an 18 year old is now free (for now) and where is the justice?

My sister in law--whom I don't know at which point I cease calling her my sister in law changed her face book status to unmarried the other day... for some reason out of all this mess- that made me really, really sad.  I am still completely unsure how I am supposed to feel... it is surreal.

I reading Grace for the Good Girl--

 a book that I knew a year ago when I saw the promo video that it would be a book I would read.  I bought it a month after it came out-- in OCTOBER.  I am just now reading it.  It is going to be harsh, but speak truth.  You know that about a book when you put down the introduction four times and it has taken you 5 days to read....

I would like to state again that I am thankful for my FSA-- shame on you Obama for screwing with them....

I am NOT dieting.  I mean there are certain things I am not eating... but certain things that I AM and I need to get back on track.  I have this vision in my head of how I am going to behave (diet and exercise wise)  but it is almost like the saying a writer can't put pen to paper.  When you can't get the words out so a story goes untold... I feel like I can't make the vision I see for myself happen.  Does that make any sense at all???  I want it out of my head and into actions... it is doing NO good in my head.

Dealing with NOT dealing with things and NOT making things better is hard for me.  I like to fix things.  I am a fixer.  Standing back and not me anxiety.  Lets just say I am dealing with anxiety right now! 

We took the entire week of school off--- (before we knew we were sick- so that worked out well).  We have taken TONS of days off but rarely have the kids had an ENTIRE week of No school.  They were amazed... and I have a feeling they like it a little too much.  So this weekend I am jump starting us a little by starting new chore charts and re arranging the school room and "talking" up our summer plans to hopefully get them excited.  It is working on two of them....

Emily wants to do a sport this summer.  I should be really happy about this-- and glad to have her participate.... but I just feel ugggghhh.  Shame on me.

My IRL friend and blogger Brenda @ The Family Revised had her baby.  I just wanted to mention that....Baby Bee..... 

I have pinned and pinned and pinned lately!  I have plans to work on three of those pin- this weekend and into next week-- I will let you know how that goes. TIRED of pinning awesome crap and never doing it!

I had hoped that putting Emily in drama would decrease the drama at home if she had an outlet-- Yeah I know, it's not working for me.

Matthew has been attempting to watch some eating habits-- of his own volition. It is not enough to make any real change but it is a great step in a good direction! I think some of it is simply a mind set that he is breaking out of and some is because he beginning to understand that his choices are controllable.

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