Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer school- begins..

We started back up to school today.  We had ALL last week off-- because of a technical break but we had most of the week off before because of sickness (which sadly bled into our technical break).... but even before that we were only at about 60%!  But we finished our "school year" and started our summer school plan today- 3 day a week school.  I am sooo excited! 

We will have two days a week off- with ZERO school (if I see there is a huge struggle in math we will up our math- but we are going to try it this way for right now.)  The kids are excited and I am excited knowing I only have three days a week to plan/ DO! 

Today was the first day of having MF for our full school day.  She has been schooling with us the past couple of weeks, focusing on math-- but she has been doing Bible, spelling and English with us too, but today she entered the land of EVERYTHING THOMPSON ACADEMY has to offer.

She will be schooling with us next year too-- so yeah.  4 kids.  :0) 

A funny story-- of course whenever you are used to teaching your kids things become second nature so I have to stop and explain some things to MF that she is not yet used to doing.  I really need to communicate better because today I told her a very "teachery" thing.  She had done spelling words 3 x each and I asked her to put 3 x each at the top and her name.  I looked at the paper a few minutes later and she had written Mary Mary Mary across the top line.  I laughed and laughed.  I explained what I needed and that I need to remember to explain things better and if she has a question she needs to make sure and ask... It was so funny.

I guess that's all folks!  It was a good day!

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