Monday, May 20, 2013

All for the love of sticky rice...

Emily got this cube thing in a party bag and had taken it apart the night before... She couldn't for the life of her get it put back together.   So I was encouraging her and said "there is a way of course!" 

After she had been working a while Dave wanted to try.  I said the first one to put it back together gets Sticky rice from Kim Sons-- our favorite thing!  Dave eventually gave up.

I had asked the girls to let me sleep in and given instructions about what they could do, cereal for breakfast ect.

But, at 9:15, she couldn't stand it anymore and I could hear her sweetly calling MAma... Are you awake--- do they not understand that THAT wakes a mama up!

Anyway, she said MAMA, I did it, do I get sticky rice?  And sure enough she had gotten the cube back together!

Logic WIN!

All for the love of sticky rice...

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