Monday, May 6, 2013

Dragon Boats 2013

We were going to the Dragon Boat races last Saturday to support Kirsten, who was supposed to say the Pledge of Allegiance, as Little Miss Wheelchair Texas.  However, on our way to the races, Amy called to say Kirsten was very sick and could just not make it... so we continued to the races so that we could explain to Eve the director that Kirsten would not be attending...  ENTER EVE... who was by the way, great, amazing!  She was so sad to hear Kirsten was sick and unavailable, but of course she needed someone to fill the spot.. SO Kaitlin did!  (Dave and I stood having convulsions whilst she sat on stage a few people down from Al Green.  (((uggg))).  Anyway.. she did great, minus holding the wrong hand over her heart! 

Don't they all look excited to be saying the pledge!?! 

In the bottom right hand picture they are brushing the dragon to awaken him to lead everyone in good spirits during the races (or something to that effect!)

There were dragon dancers, Tae Kwon Do Doers, Vietnamese dancers.... it was great!!!


As the races started.. Eve came running up to Kaitlin and said we have space on a boat and need another pumper (paddler) do you wanna do it?  Kaitlin looked at me and I nodded "YES" and she broke out into a huge smile!  We ran after Eve (who was RUNNING!!!) and signed release (yes, because the currents are so strong that the dragon boats actually crash into each other sometimes-- I heard this AS she is starting her race). We got her into a life jacket and onto the boat!  There were a few instructions... and she was off!

The did not win the race.. but she had a GREAT time!

We stayed to watch a friend, fellow home schooling mama.. who was on another team's meet.. Her team was AMAZING and won all three heats!  They were so fast!  The Hybrid Dragon Team!

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