Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sunday Sum Up: Week 25-26 2013-2014

BTW... yes, I know it is NOT Sunday and I know I am late and I have not gone quite insane.. YET.  I just wanted it posted BEFORE next Sunday's was due!  :0)


Okay, so I was supposed to buckle down and hit the books with the kids... AND I did, well I attempted.  Does that count?  We got back from Austin and I had a VERY major migraine Monday- Wednesday  and I had a lot of trouble with the kids both weeks with getting their work done each day.  So we have had three different "DISCUSSION" or pow-wows and I think we MIGHT all be on the same page.

1. you actually HAVE to do your school work.
2. your school works actually needs to be done.
3. doing your school work is mandatory.

Did you get the message?

YEAH... does this look organized to you?  It is I PROMISE.  :0) 

Well lets hope the kids did!

It is a BAD week to test it out seeings how I will be gone Tuesday- Thursday, but at least they will still have assignments that ARE non negotiable and next week will be full steam ahead!

I have let them know that our finishing date is now the second week of JULY!!! 

hmmm. SOMEONE's Latin book left aside the pool.  At least the page was completed...  :0)

Dave and I had about four additional pow wows with Emily and it seems that SHE understands that her option is basically to do her school work.  Because the other option is truancy.  :0)  We talked about a few "problem areas" and came up with some solutions to try and implement.  I will let you know! 

Riley, slightly confused as to why the kids are banned from playing with her at the moment... You know because school must be done.  #dogsdontdoschool

Day wise.. we have until the 2nd week of June to hit our mandatory day count.  AT that point I am going to be VERY irritated for every day past that... because half of the reason is simply THEM NOT getting stuff done.. I will take all the days "LIFE" happened days, but the rest is on them!  Last summer we did a three day school week and had two COMPLETELY free days off, I LOVED it!  I had hoped to do that this year too, but it is looking less and less like that will happen.   REMIND ME to never again take 6 weeks off at Christmas!

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