Sunday, July 24, 2011

I give you random...........

in·for·ma·tion noun     \ˌin-fər-ˈmā-shən\
1. Facts provided or learned about something or someone.


  • I am still feeling residual effects of my treatment, neck is really sore!  I am calling the doctor tomorrow to make sure I should still be feeling this--- although the fact that she gave me enough pain pills for 6 days MIGHT have given me my answer.  
  • I had a pretty good darn weekend (minus said pain)
  • I found books I need for school at Half Price Books (also hitting a Bucket List item!)
  • I feel excited about doing school tomorrow--- busting out the seriousness all up in here!
  • We are waiting to hear by the end of the week if hubbie will earn a much deserved and "needed" raise.  Please add that to your prayer list!
  • I am focusing on cleaning out the house this week-- I was supposed to do it 5 weeks ago and have hit VERY little on my list--- but again with the busting out the seriousness all up in here!
  • I need to NOT spend any more money.  BIG PERIOD.
  • I want to go on a picnic, with a picnic basket--- don't know what, anyone know why?
  • Matt has a rash- it is getting better but I still have to dole out medicine and I am bad at it, trying to MAKE IT a priority!
  • we have made some decisions about church and I am unsure how they will play out...hmmmmm.
  • the kids currently have a toad and ribbon snake up in my house--- we need to either let them go or stabilize their current living conditions.
  • I am on a Star Trek Voyager binge.... 7 seasons!  It will last me a while.
  • the neurologist told me my sore neck muscles and knots are REAL and that means Dave should give a back rub without complaining.  HE asked for a prescription from the doctor.
  • do you know that when you want to go do free things it still cost money to drive there.  :0)  hmmm.
  • I am already feeling overwhelmed at some responsibilities this coming school year, but need to ride out the panic wave--- it will work itself out!
  • I love the story of David in the bible-- pastor preached on it this morning and I really enjoyed the sermon!
  • I am thinking. THINKING about trying the read your bible in 90 days again-- I like to think I could accomplish that!
  • we are trying Latin again... we shall see (different program that my sister really likes)
  • it is one month till Matt's surgery-- I know tonsils aren't that big of a deal but it my first "mom" surgery!  I don't feel that worried about it but I am worried about finances surrounding it and I REALLY think I am using the "finances" to cover my anxiety about the surgery.
  • i still need a black ink cartridge.  arrrrgggg.
  • Dessert Trio  Blue Bell Ice cream--- don't be scared, just try it.  YUMMO.
  • I really need to wash clothes tomorrow.
  • I kept the bag my new sheets came in-- it is the same material as the sheets and I would LIKE to use them cut up in some way as ties for my curtains... anyone got any ideas on that?
  • My mom is going to keep the kids on the 21 of August overnight-- I am already excited!  
  • Kate is doing the home school choir next year.  She has to go to an overnight camp-- parents are welcome so it is me and a bunk bed in a few weeks-  YEAH.
  • I am still deciding if we are doing sabbath schedule this year--- guess I need to make a decision on that soon!
  • with my whole HEAD THING we did very little school on Thursday after my 10:30 appointment and NONE on Friday cause I was in bed! So I am going to try to not think about it tomorrow and feel behind.  It is all good right people! 
  • I lowered my netflix account.  Hate the price change, but still love netflix.
  • anyone know about Pandora--- online streaming radio that you can make playlist--- hmmm interests me a lot!
  • I am determined to try a new recipe this week-- I made banana pudding for my sisters birthday, I don't eat banana pudding but everyone who DOES says it was good.
  • I am going on my diet again--- no guarantees how long it will last but I guess a pound lost is a pound lost.  right.... cant concentrate on how many pounds I HAVE to lose or I will go crazy!
  • I need to start using my I phone better-- I think there are many organizational apps I could be using that I am not!  must research!
  • I am going to start a digital library of all the books we own.  I wish I had done it years ago--- but better late than never!
  • my library books are late!  ARGGGG..
  • I leave you with this last piece of random information.  I really dislike when dresser drawers are left open, even a crack.. I mean JUST close them people!
P.S.  One last one, when I spell checked and I had the "word" arrrrrggghh.  I have to pick ignore for it to be come UN highlighted but the word it GUESSED I was trying to spell was Crackerjack?  HOW did it get that out of arrrrggghh?


Brenda said...

My head would hurt too if there was this much going on inside of it! I feel stressed out after reading this!
Pandora is wonderful, by the way. Pick an artist you like and click on their station and it will play their stuff plus similar stuff. If you don't like a song...hit the thumbs down and it won't play again. You can only skip a limited number of times. We love it. We use it online but mostly on our phones. We plug a phone in here at home or in the car.

Lisa said...

Yeah, that IS a lot going on! I hope your school week is a great one.