Thursday, July 21, 2011

Schedule vs. Real Life

Because my friend Brenda asked for it... I shall blog about my schedule.

6:30 alarm goes off on my I Phone that says Wake Up Sunshine.  (really. it. does)
6:45 it goes off again.  ( really. it. does)
7:00 I barely manage to PULL myself out of bed (unless I HAD to get up earlier to PEE) and start the dryer- because REALLY it always needs to be started. 
  I make hubbie his lunch- assuming he needs me to or asks me to.
  I check email and facebook -- if I already haven't of course (all dependant on the pee situation)
7:30 I shower or dress or lay back in bed--depends on our day!
8:00 Dave is getting up or finished getting ready depends on HIS day
8:30 usually Dave is gone or leaving and I get the kids up
9:00 breakfast, chores, getting dressed
9:30 start school Matt and Kate math, Emily typer island or Wii PE
10:00 Emily switch to whichever one she didn't do earlier and Kate and Matt English lesson with mom
10:20 Emily starts Math, then I do English with Emily
11:15 stops work-- anything not done they finish  after I am done teaching for the day 
         start science, if doing it for the day or history if we need to do something as a teachable moment
11:45 kids work on science notebooking or history independently while I start lunch
12:00 lunch and break, usually have kids do a chore before they can have free time
          I move over laundry, think about dinner if needed then LIE down and do Internet stuff
1:00 handwriting, Typer Island, PE all switching who does what for 20 minutes
2:00 All About Spelling or Unit Study time
2:45 Bible
3:15 might send kids off with a book for literature, science or history OR they can finish up individual work
4:00 supposedly done with school and kids are free for electronics (IF their school work and early chores are done)
        me laundry, bills, online stuff, phone calls, facebook YOU KNOW!
5:00 dinner started, make sure afternoon chores are done
6:00 dinner with daddy IF he is home

NOW that DOES happen a lot of days although it is not a full school load so I gotta work the other stuff in soon! and ALTHOUGH it looks like on paper that I got 5.5 hours of school in I really didn't it is just an illusion!     AND these times are often off---- A lot of times you will see us eating lunch at 1:30!

Here is how for instance TODAY went:

6:30 I Phone alarm goes off with Wake Up Sunshine
6:45 I phone alarm goes off with Wake Up Sunshine!  I start facebook or read blogs (after I peed!)
suddenly without warning it WAS 8:15 AND I got myself up out of bed!
8:30 woke up the kids- Dave left soon after, oh and started the dryer, because it always needs to be started!
8:45 kids GOADED me into pancakes and being the NICE mom that I am--- I made them.
9:15 sitting down all at the breakfast table (DOES NOT USUALLY HAPPEN AND TOLD THE KIDS TODAY IT WOULD HAPPEN DAILY!) (we will see how long it lasts.  :0)
      classroom discussion over breakfast about new year--- see last post, our motto, our goals, our HOW THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR, our new plans, a few new rules, a few changes... etc.
10:00 we headed to school table and left all the chores undone (even though we had just talked about how we were gonna get our chores done) because we had to LEAVE at 11:00 and I needed to get some school in!
    Emily on typer island, Matt and Kate math, started English with Kate and Matt, Emily switched to Wii PE
10:30 stopped the kids work and had Emily start math and Kate and Matt finish reading the Betsy Ross books they were supposed to have read almost 2 weeks ago.  :0)
10:45 I had the kids go get dressed and ready to go and I packed our lunch for the car-- cuz we are trying to NOT eat out!
11:00 leave for Amy's to do history
11:45 stop at Amy's office to make copies because my black ink cartridge is going out AGAIN.
12:00 got to Amy's........ did history
3:45 left Amy's
4:10 got to doctor office for Matt who had a bad rash that I HAD to get checked out (turns out it was very infected-- poor guy- cant catch a break!
5:15 left doctor office drove in traffic to CVS by my house - waited there for 20 minutes finally left and said I would pick up prescription later
5:40 drove through McDonald's ( remember earlier about not eating out!)
6:00 got to church and got stuff ready for kids
6:20 kids showed up
7:20 church over  (yeah early- business meeting)
7:40 came home after dropping off friends kiddoes (love having friends close!)
7:45 went through CVS to pick up prescription (still took forever)
8:10 got home NO HOUSE KEY-- somewhere in my day it has gotten lost.
        called Dave he still has 20 minutes but will be home soon.
8:15 got back into the car and drove (back to where the church is) and went to Sonic because you KNOW it is half price floats after 8:00!  AND WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE MONEY SO HALF PRICE RIGHT!
8:40 got back home and sat in car waiting for Dave, drinking my root beer float.
8:50 Dave pulled up
        get everything in the house
9:00 GO PEE
9:05 start dryer -- because it ALWAYS needs to be started
9:20 disciplined Emily from earlier with Daddy's help
9:30 sent kids to bed NO READ ALOUD --- forget that I just told them this morning we were going to TRY really hard to do every night!
10:00 in bed watching Voyager re runs on Netflix because that is how we roll-- all SY FY "ish"
12:30 roll over and attempt to go to sleep but cant so I facebook, blog read and watch another episode of Voyager!
2:45 last number I remember before falling asleep
6:30 a.m. My I Phone alarm goes off saying Wake Up Sunshine.....


Lisa said...

You just made my day! It's nice to see the "real" way the schedules work, you know?! And it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Mommy of Two said...

I'm sure if I actually sat down I could have a schedule but every day is different here. It works while the little ones are little but later we'll need to straighten up! I don't see how you get up that early and have the energy to do so much, I woke up at 7:30 and just can't keep my eyes open!

Brenda said...

The dryer. I have thought about that every time I'm in the laundry room. Really, we could write a schedule around that! Thanks for sharing!!