Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Day 4-14

 For those wondering why there have been no updates... and my be concerned that I am NOT doing school

Please take note... WE ARE!

I am just not taking MANY pictures and have not taken time to blog about it!  SO here is a sampling of what we have been doing these past 10 school days!

Bouquets of freshly "unsharpened" pencils.

New school supplies all in their boxes.

Science-- we finished up turtles and such and have moved onto SHARKS!

Hence the Lego shark!

started new devotionals because we are no longer participating in our church program... SO beyond our Bible study the kids each have their own devotional and Bible reading to do..

Yes, Emily's says age 2-5 but it was what I had and she can read and DO it by herself so it works for now!

We have sought out nature....

THIS is the 36th parallel-- woe to you who has a slave above it!

these are the states represented AFTER the Missouri Compromise.....
 and the current states, including Florida who is still called a territory.

these are my children and niece LEARNING about said states!'

IN addition and not photographed we did English, Math, loads of READING, started Pinocchio as our Family read (and loving it), hand writing, All About Spelling (truth be told only one step!), and much more.

WE are learnin' somethin' here at Thompson Academy!



Lisa said...

I used those God and Me devotionals with my girls and they really enjoyed them!

Sounds like a good 10 days.

H-Mama said...

you guys are always ahead of us in science. i am contemplating {not} going over the last 3 chapters in anatomy. geesh... could i have drug it out any longer? ;)