Friday, July 22, 2011

Ouch x 4

So I had my neurologist appointment today.  Wow. I like this lady a lot!  For one she specializes in headaches and all the lights in the office are dimmed.. I could live that way!

So she talked to me for an hour and the conclusion:

not migraines.


So it is a muscle in my back that has nerves coming from the occipital lobe and wrapping around to my sinus-- causing the sinus like pain and headaches!

The reason I have this issue.......

the elliptical machine at the YMCA.


so apparently the movement of the arms going back and forth like that in a rowing fashion has caused the muscle to get all out of wack which in turn has caused the nerves to become way screwed up.  which in turn is causing my the debilitating headaches and the more minor headaches and sinus pressure.  It was never migraines, it was never a sinus infection.



So, they took four shots and put them into the back of my skull into the nerves .


Emily was in the room and started crying and had to leave.  I didn't know it would be traumatic to her. 

Serious pain.  WORSE than an epidermal!


In two weeks I have to go back and then two weeks after that I have to go back.  It is supposed to get easier each time as the nerves get "less out of whack". 

The meds in the shot are a combination of a pain reliever but mostly it is a steroid.  Which when I had the "sinus infection" the steroids HELPED my  headache each time!

My head hurts like the dickens now-- she said it would likely get much worse tonight but start feeling better by tomorrow.

So yeah.  Ouch x 4, but I guess I am on the road to recovery.  And after 6 weeks I can start exercising again and just not use my arms on the elliptical! 

Other than that I should be good....



Brenda said...

I KNEW exercise was evil!!!!!

That is crazy. And I wonder why Emily was crying? I guess mom getting shots so close to the head. Who knows? You certainly couldn't see what she saw!

Sorry you are hurting. Hope it gets better really quickly.

Mommy of Two said...

That makes a lot of sense, glad they can help you but not so glad that it has to hurt before it gets better.

Julie said...

You should also consider a chiropractor. That sounds like something they could really help you with.

Feel better!

aneisa said...


Hope you feel better soon!

Lisa said...

I hope the "worse before it gets better" phase doesn't last very long! I'm glad she was able to figure out the cause.