Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Give a goat...

So the kids and I poured over our World Vision magazine today and decided what we are saving for!  So exciting. 

The kids opted to save $160 dollars towards their "gifts".  They have 52 days to save!  We told them that they have to earn or donate the money themselves either by doing jobs, "saving" by not buying something or by giving money that is their own to give.   We wanted them to "feel" the give this year, does that make sense... so far our giving has been a family affair but with Dave and I footing the bill and I think the kids need to learn about sacrificial giving by actually GIVING something of themselves or giving up something they want.

(picture credit to world vision.org)

With the $160.00 the kids will give the gift of

13 animals (10 ducks, one chicken and two rabbits)
$25.00 towards helping a disabled person get a wheelchair or other need
2 soccer balls
and mosquito nets for a whole family

We reminders of what we are saving for and how long we have to do it on the wall and started our jar out with $3.00 dollars already!