Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Day 52-56 Plus history wrap up Week 27

Finally.. starting to get into some tiny sort of routine or schedule! It is only a beginning but at least the ball is rolling that way!

We have done school EVERY day this week--- not TONS of course but we are moving along! We had a hiccup in math this week but are dealing with it and we have had some character issues pop up but we are dealing with those also!

Not by day but just overall of week....

Bible- We finished our Survival Guide and I am very excited that the kids are all three getting baptized on Sunday...we are also still working on our memory verse--- please don't judge me by this next set of pictures.. I allowed the kids to use the Nerf guns to "shoot" the reference for each verse we are learning... it got them into it.... I am sure there is something VERY fundamentally wrong with this...

Math- we did Math U See worksheets on Monday but this rest of the week we have done some fun math worksheets printed off the world wide web... math games, puzzles etc... all using the same skills as the MUS worksheets but just a little bit of fun! We are drilling multiplication facts, mainly for speed at this point and starting Emily!

English- We wrote paragraphs this week and continued work on topic sentences.

History- We are at War-- brother against brother...patriot against patriot... fellow country men against fellow countrymen. Yes, the civil war is at hand.

We learned about:
Sojourner Truth
John Brown
Election of 1860
Confederate States of America
Confederate Acts
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's Inaugural Address
after math of address
Fort Sumter
call to arms NORTH and SOUTH
more secession
naval blockades
moving of confederate capitols
Jefferson Davis
length of civil war
Virgina split
and even more secession!

We have also continued reading Across Five Aprils

and played this new history card game I bought at The Children's Museum

Top Trumps Presidents

Science- we have reviewed most of this week but began reading our next lesson on Thursday and will do an experiment with Daddy over the weekend!

BTW... the MASS= how much it weighs was a topic of conversation.. mass does not equal how much it weighs but how much matter it is comprised of... just so you know I am teaching them accurately!  :0)

Our atomic model

Skills- haven't picked up much in this area BUT are hammering out chores and stuff right now. We did however use clay for art-- can we count that as skill--- AND we evacuated a building on Wed for a fire, does that count as skill? oh and the girls baked and embroidered with mom on Friday!

Art- studying Remington and started our clay sculpture and baked it and then on Thursday we used the hardened clay to make a mold in soft clay and poured plaster of Paris into that mold making our ART!  On Friday we painted it....

Composer-- still listening to Franz Liszt .. made a small lap book (really should be considered a notebook page!) of his life and accomplishments.

Matt drew this for me as we were listening to the music... VERY cute!  :0)

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H-Mama said...

oh dear. your wrap-ups look so successful it gives me heart palpitations. mama needs to get busy... theater kinda took over our day-time for a while, but we're getting back in the swing of things. i think. ;)