Monday, October 3, 2011

School room unpacked and ready...

Okay, I have zero excuses tomorrow! The school room is 100% ready to use for learnin'...

For those who don't know or cannot visualize-- this is the large "game" room upstairs.

We don't have all the bookshelves we need and about 40% of the books are still packed but all my "schooling" books and stuff are out.

We will get two more cheap bookshelves after the 15th and then wait for the rest until after Jan.

The keyboard is just set on Emily's desk right now... it is not always out.

Also the "entertainment area" will change in Jan-- all the white bookcases will go to Kate's room and we will have a black 8 square shelf (like the one under the window) there in their place.

I don't have everything exactly where I want but mostly things are good.

In Jan all the pets will be in Kaitlin's room also...

So there is the new school room--- Look for a Weekly Wrap Up on Friday of all the learnin that took place! 

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