Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Radically Saved...

Saturday night we went to see Carman at a church in Pasadena... if you are unaware of Who Carman is... YOUTUBE is your friend.  We are huge fans of Carman--and have seen him a few times in concert, own all his Cd's and grew up singing Radically Saved and The Champion.

Here is Matt standing with the other MEN of God who stood up, unashamed and proclaimed they loved Jesus.... LOVE IT!  Matt who rarely ever sings at church and is a quiet worshiper--- got completely into the whole concert and I LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT.

I don't believe that all Christianity is based on feelings and I don't believe that it needs to be all hype-- but I will tell you I DO believe in our Sons and Daughters getting excited about the God we worship.

I do believe in our Sons and Daughters seeing us raise our hands to Jesus and praise His Holy Name.... however I do that at church, up alone in the balcony, at home and in my car (one handed).... I can praise His name anytime--- not just in a hyped up concert, but it was exciting to see the kids excited about Jesus.

We had a wonderful time and so enjoyed his message and his music.... here is a taste of a quiet worship song of Carmans

and also one of my favorites The Champion---

 if you go listen to YouTube make sure and listen to Lazarus.... also a favorite

 oh and Sunday's On the Way-- another favorite... NEVER mind just listen to them all!

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Lisa said...

Those were favorites of mine for a long time as well! Doesn't seem like I've heard much from or about him recently, so it was interesting to see that he's still doing concerts!