Monday, September 2, 2013

Countdown to the new school year...

There is really only one day until we start so that is not much of a countdown... But I have been too busy, or too sick or blogger has been too broken for me to blog!! 

So I am blogging on my phone.  Boo.

Anyway, Wednesday is the big day.  I am not ready.  I don't even have all our books and I am freaking out inside...however I am just going to remind myself that:

I like easing into subjects slowly.

There will be hiccups with the new curriculum. 

It's all good

And everything will get done. 

We have plenty of work to do!! They will not be "school work less"!  So tomorrow as I print, copy, bind, organize, and ready things I will just remind myself of that fact!

Our school picks are not that different from the past few years with the exception  of changing to Tapestry of Grace from Sonlight.  

So I don't feel overwhelmed by the majority of the curriculum-- we won't speak about Tapestry of Grace in this post quite yet!

I am planning to be pretty structured this year. Yes, you may laugh, but a girls gotta have a plan, right!

I mean Kate is in highschool!  This is serious.  I have 4 years! FOUR!  There is no messing around!

This is our new and improved school room. It was not 100% done at the time of the pictures.. But I am very happy with it right now!  We shall be spending MANY, MANY hours here this year!

Well maybe I will just send them away instead.  :0/

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