Sunday, September 29, 2013

Keepers of the faith --- 2013/1014

We started up our Keepers of the Faith this month andI am very excited about it!!

We are focusing a little less on sewing this year on more on preparing for emergencies, training the older girls in babysitting, and serving others!

Last week we we started learning about Emergency Preparedness.  We leaned about getting ready for a hurricane.

 We also made a candle out of normal household goods!  

Each family has a binder with our evacuation plan, important phone numbers. List of things to take/pack, plans for our pets and lists of things to do in order to get ready!

This week the older girls spent time going through a child care curriculum and the younger girls  started learning the art of floral arrangement!

We think they did a great job!!!

We ended our meeting with Gingerbread the two older girls had made!

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