Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh. My. Word.

You would think I had never spoken to my children about how to clean something up, how to place a paper in a folder, how to start an assignment when asked to, how to follow a simple command.

They have reverted to infancy.

I am fine with some leeway given the fact it's the first week of school.  I am good with some grace and some understanding... But the last three days have been ridiculous!  

My prayer for this year... Pray more but yell less is the goal.... 

I have yelled, cried, threatened, made good on my threats, punished, explained, condoned more than I should have, and PRAYED.  A lot. 

I don't think I am asking too much- I haven't even given them their school load!  Basically they have done math, put together a binder, made a poster and had some discussions (that I led and had no answers that they had to know).

That is it.

First Day of school... 

Emily -- minus one out right disobedience about doing a math sheet has been fine. It is Kate and Matt!  The two I HAVEN'T WORRIED AND FRETTED OVER FOR MONTHS!!!!!! 

So this weekend- as they are grounded.. We are working on establishing routines, writing out school assignments, getting chores caught up so they stay on track, and lots and lots of PRAYER. 

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