Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Make a Cross without Cutting...Demo

MF taught Emily how to make these crosses without cutting.. you fold and tear a section and there is a cross shape!  Emily is AMAZED and has literally I think made about a hundred of them so far!  I convinced the girls that they should make a HOW TO video.. but they could not be convinced so we did a HOW TO picture show instead and they wrote the directions out.


So they were, BTW, trying to be very serious in the shots-- which turn out looking very unhappy, but I assure you they were having fun.  I tried to tell them to smile, but they said they were giving instructions.. KIND OF made me feel like maybe I need to work on my face while giving instructions!

Step: 1-Get some paper-- thinner works better
Step: 2- Fold the paper diagonally till the top point meets the edge.
Step: 3- make sure the side and point are lined up evenly
Step: 4- make a house shape by folding it diagonally the other way
Step: 5- make sure the points line up again
Step: 6- fold the house in half (with folds towards the inside)
Step: 7- make sure the points line up
Step: 8-turn the "half house" shape upside down
Step: 9- tear the shortest side from top to angle
Step: 10- turn back upside down so the angle is facing up again
Step: 11-once you have it facing up open first fold
Step: 12- open second fold and there is a CROSS!






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