Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zoo Lights 2012

Every year my mom takes us on a Christmas outing.. this year it was Zoo Lights.  We had a great time!  We decided to go early and NOT on a weekend!  It was a great decision... there were not that many people there... we just ambled through the zoo at our own pace.  There were a lot of lights... it was not the same as the light show at Moody Gardens... but was a really good outing. There really weren't any animals out.. for one they had sections of the zoo blocked off and for two it was COLD!  Yes, we picked THE COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR to go on our little outing!
However I LOVE pictures with everyone bundled all up!
Kirsten's Gingerbread was fun.. you got to pick 4 different candies and then decorate it.. there was also funnel cake, candied nuts, beignets, popcorn, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls... YUM. 
Love my brother and Matt being gorillas!~  It suits them don't you think?
Emily rode on the back of Kirsten's wheelchair almost the whole time---
 I just like it because I know where she is! 
The peacock was my FAVORITE!  It actually lit up one sections of tail feather at a time... so pretty!
and the lion drinking fountain ... I do not KNOW how many pictures we have of this as kids! 
The Giraffes were all snug in their home.. but they were one of the only animals you could see.          I didn't mind the giraffes are one of my FAVORITE!
and this is one of my favorite pics of the night!  :0)
I apparerntly have lots of FAVORITES! 
(that word I don't think it means what she thinks it means)

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