Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Play by Play....

Following Brenda's example-- I love to do this every once in a while to also remind myself how things were working at different stages of the kids life!

6:45- wake up.. don't know why but I think Riley was whining (recall what a stupid decision to get a dog was  #iwillneversleepagain

7:00 Dave's alarm goes off and I read email, Face book etc

7:15 Daves alarm goes off again.

7:30 I remind Dave his alarm went off.  Riley fusses again.

7:45 start a load of clothes

7:50 More UN Calls and email replies

8:00 Riley AND three kids are suddenly on my bed... Pandemonium ensues

8:13 remind David that he does actually need to go to work today.

8:30 Dave leaves for work (taking with him a chandelier we are giving away-- YEAH FOR GETTING STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE!

8:35 I start breakfast (some good ole' Aunt Jemima pancake/ griddle/sausage/egg/cheese/ THINGS)

8:40 remind the kids to start chores

       kids sitting down for breakfast. Matt informs me he likes McDonald's better.. I assure you I     do too but this is a third of the cost.  He makes grimace of understanding.

       also read Brenda's blog post
        started working on cleaning up my room which looks like a tornado hit it
        continue handing out chores to kids

9:00 start blog post and recapped what all happened SO far this morning!

9:10 Riley goes out again-- eats late breakfast

        I break to eat my breakfast and check facebook/ email again.

       restart dryer!

9:15  cleaning off my table.. FOUND thank you cards that were meant to be mailed in JULY for those who helped during my surgeries! Yes, I did.

9:25 spoiled milk discovered as culprit of smell in Emily's room (I love my children, repeat often)

9:35 read my Bible (trust me it was needed at this point.  :0)

9:45 got invited out for dinner for the second night in a row!  SCORE! 

        kids started school

        returned phone calls

        found Netflix movies to return (those suckers always like to try to make a home here.. I gotta kick them out!)

10:00 Kate and Matt reading, Emily upstairs working on math, Riley sleeping.. the house is perfectly calm and quiet!

10:15 and Riley is up again.  :0)

         coffee time!

          starting to check the backlog of Bible I have for the kids that needs checking!  I sometimes wish I had a teachers helper!

           checked Emily's math-- by George I think she's got it!!!

10:30  spent more time on UN CPRD--- fighting the good fight!

10:45 begin fielding questions from the kids about lunch-- the grocery store is on my lists of HAVE TO DO today!

11:00 okay left for the grocery store!  Kids all working on school work. Emily finishing spelling then working on her room--- spoilt milk and ALL!!

12:20 got home from store, UN Failed TO PASS CONVENTION!  WHOOP WHOOP

         tortinos pizza rolls caught on fire in the oven ( I am not joking)

          had to get Dave the address to take the chandelier

          yes, that was all in five minutes!

12:40 LUNCH break and MR. Poppers Penguins on the big screen 

1:20 Riley came in and her head was bleeding so off the the vet we went

2:15 bought dog food, crickets, dog bones, bird treat and left Petsmart sans a dog (she needed to be worked in for another appointment and we have to pick her up later)


2:40 HOME at last.. brought in all the stuff, and drinks...
        Kids had been working on school

         "Lucy the Valiant is dead".. name that partial quote

2:45 I seriously need another Sonic drink

        start new load of laundry and commence working in my room (DAVE can deal with the dead bird when he gets home!)

3:00 started Emily on a bird presentation (reminds her of dead bird and crying ensues....

        she is typing it out on the computer (her new love)

        worked on cleaning out my room

         quizzed the kids on Latin (funny moment Emily asked how to spell second and Kaitlin spelled it out to her in Latin-- not helpful!)

          set up a field trip

          restarted STUPID dryer!

          looked up something on Pinterest and had to STOP myself! 

3:45  researched and then ran the dishwasher with a full box of baking soda and 3 cups of vinegar to attempt to get rid of the mildew yucky smell from when it was broken!!!  Hope the whole chemical reaction thing doesn't come back to bite me!

4:00  still waiting on dishwasher there hasn't been any explosions or stuff flying out!

         started Emily on English-- adjectives! 

4:10  commenced cleaning in my room--- YES it was that messy!

4:30 stopped school and got ready to go pick up Riley ($80.00 cha ching)

4:50 picked up Riley

5:35 Riley is back in our possession and head to moms for dinner (ham, yum)

6:12 get to moms

6:40 start to eat, put Riley in kennel out in garage

         Riley poops and pees in kennel (manages to SOMEHOW not step in the poop, thank you Jesus)

         clean up Riley, sit in floor of garage to calm her down

7:10 eat my now cold ham

7:20 visit with mom and dad-- Riley slightly calmer now until she gets into moms already wrapped presents (thankfully the only thing ruined was a bag with tissue)

8:35 leave moms

9:00 get home. bring in everything. take Riley out. 

        check on dishwasher that smells a lot better than before ... think progress

        restart laundry (this IS a second load because I had Kate change it over at some point today!

AND with that folks I am signing off but....

Riley is still not asleep

I have one kid doing a load of dishes

the other is still up doing something

Emily is getting ready for bed

Dave is NOT home from work yet

my room is still not clean

I need to print stuff for school tomorrow but my ink is ALMOST out

the blinds in our bathroom (the only thing blocking people from NOT seeing us pee) is all the way up because Emily raised it today and I CANNOT get it down!!!!  So I guess we need to replace them and I am fixing to hang up a sheet!

THAT WAS REALLY, and TRULY my day people.

His mercies are new every morning!  I would have added a bunch of cute photos but really I think the day in itself is enough...




Brenda said...

OH I enjoyed this so much!!

Seriously--it sounds crazy when you write it down, doesn't it?

The best part? Giving your child a bird assignment TWENTY MINUTES after discovering dead bird. Win!!!

I loved this. It makes me feel so normal.
Mine made me realize why I never get the house clean. Seriously.

And WHAT did Riley do to her head?

(So glad I don't have a dog.)

There were a lot of smells in this post.

H-Mama said...

oh my lands, woman. you and brenda are making me feel guilty. i've been using life as an excuse not to blog, yet you two are knocking it out of the park. *fistbump* (oh, and my arm is all healed up now, thank you.)

aneisa said...

This is an awesome idea for a post! I am going to do it- and then you can laugh at MY crazy life! LOL