Friday, December 14, 2012

Keepers of the Faith Meeting 6 and 7

Last meeting the girls finished up their quilts.  Yea!

PLAYED with this Ragamuffin!  
Playing with her sweet homemade rattle (love it... such sweet sisters!)

They made cards for the nursing home residents. THEY really were into crafting these cards!
And we joined our sweet friends the American Heritage Girls at the nursing home to
carol and pass out our Christmas cards....
We had the blessing of seeing a married couple who were in a joint room at the nursing home.. they sat next to each other in matching rocking chairs... IT was such a sweet, sweet picture of what Til' Death Do Us Part means and what an incredible blessing marriage can be between two people.
We kept going past the room to catch another glimpse... simply because it was so meaningful
and sweet.  WE need to see people stay together in this day and age!

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