Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Week 11 2012-2013

{day 79-83}

We had a pretty productive school week!
Lots of english-- doing adjectives which are fun!
 MF said for the first time that
diagramming is fun!

Working on holly decorations for our Nutcracker Lapbook

I was the recipient of a sweet teachers gift!!!

The girls giving a demonstration on how to make a cross without cutting
Our Joseph for Bible and his coat of many colors

Still working on birds in science.. the girls loved all the talk about poop!

an owl craft!

The girls also are moving ahead in math.. Emily got to actually multiplying in Math U SEE and I told her "ignore Mr. Demi" do it my way and she had a fit.  But once I showed her she just moved right on.... whooosh!  a few more weeks of MUS and on to something else!

Mf finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Emily finished Little House in the Big Woods and started Little House on the Prairie...

Kate and Matt are plugging along.. we are having to tweak a few things but I hope to get it worked out in the next few weeks and have an even better 2nd semester!  They are doing well though. 

I did a reading assesment on all the kids.... Emily tested out at mid 6th to early 7th grade.  Kate and Matt both tested at mid 10- 11th.  I will say that I was surprised at Emily's and the larger than I imagined jump has made me change some of my reading selections for the next few months.. and Kate and Matt's made me rethink their level on wordly wise.. so I asked them and after discussing it we are moving them up to the next book-- maybe even skipping a book.  If you are only finding a word you don't know OR maybe a secondary meaning for a word you Do know.. a few times in a whole workbook it is TOO easy!

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Brenda said...

Glad the reading levels helped you!

As far as the diagraming goes--that just goes to show you that children are weak and can be brainwashed. FUN? HA!