Sunday, November 17, 2013

15 years old.

My eldest turned 15 years old.  

I had a lot of trouble when Emily turned 10 and I am feeling a little trouble with Kate turning 15!!!   It just seems so big!!

It doesn't help that I know what I was doing at 15.  I was dating an 18 year old and working 30 hours a week! 

But I have a good girl!  She is so smart, she is good at so many things!  She is wise and strong.  She believes!  She is strong in her conviction! 

I love that she knows what she likes!  She has a heart for God and for knowledge.  She loves to try things and thrives on experiences.  She has a servants heart. 

She accepts correction.  She works on her weaknesses.  She uses her strengths.  She knows what she wants. 

She is kindhearted.  She is obedient.  She dreams.  She has plans but desires Gods will.  She accepts boundaries but yet pushes herself. 

She is funny and quirky and not AT ALL afraid to be her own person.  She admires people with amazing character and surrounds herself with people who will lift her up and encourage her.

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