Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hobbit Party 2013

We were invited to a hobbit party...  

My kids were so excited!  It was the topic of conversation for days!!

We of course needed to be in costume!
We shopped all the thrift stores around...

I think we spent a total of  10.00 for Kate's

 She was a Maiden of Rohan... 

Matt s was a little more but had more precise pieces we had to find...

So his total was 23.00.  I could have gotten the pants cheaper but was tired of looking.. We also changed from Ranger to Bilbo mid look-- so I had already spent  at least 5.00 on the ranger costume.  

Emily's was the easiest.. Just a one piece buy... And I spent 7.00. 

She wanted to be an Elvish princess of Rivendale.  The only thing missing were pointy ears-- which we found online too late!

There were so many good foods to try! All with a Middle Earth flair or theme... 

For instance chips and salsa were called Dragon Breath Salsa
There was rabbit and Po-Ta-Toes

All so good!!

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