Thursday, November 21, 2013

Keepers of the Faith 2013/2014

The girls are working on a casserole badge.. So we got together to work on the badge and make casseroles for our homeschool Thanksgiving feast-- win win!

We made a chicken/ bacon/ pasta casserole and a corn casserole.

Little Bit mixing.

Older girls putting the casseroles together.

Little Bit and Emily made the bacon make a smiley face on their casserole dish!  Who doesn't like smiling bacon!

 The girls chopping!

And yeah bacon!!!  Yummy

Last week the girls worked on their Preparedness Badge by learning about s
Stranger Danger! Our homeschool friend is a police officer and works with the DARE program.  He came and did the whole program with the kids.  It was great! 

A few weeks before that the girls had worked on their Preparedness Badge by visiting the local fire department!  We all learned a lot! 

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