Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No more crises

 I had a friend tell me our family needed to stop having crises!  I agree!  It has been a rough couple of months and an even rougher month and a half!  But admist the chaos there have been good moments and I just gotta focus on that!

Dave's sister Deanna moved... Which while it is sad and we miss her I am counting it in the good moments because she is so happy!! 

We have had sweet sister moments... Kate reading Emily The Hobbit.

We started choir which BOTH girls love passionately!

We celebrated Kirsten's "welcome to America" party with family and friends!!

We got to all have dinner at Texas de Brazil--- yummy!!

Emily and I made time for a mommy/ daughter date!!

Matt and Kate got to see Thor 2!!!

We had park day with friends!!!

Kate got to try out her birthday present!

We had a great trip to the fire station!!

And of course there is Riley!!!

And while school hasn't exact gone as planned--- ahem, does it ever???-- it has happened and the kids are doing great!

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