Sunday, November 24, 2013

Learning and growing

This past month I have had to grow up a bit.  I feel like for the most part out family has been wrapped in a sweet little cocoon... Nothing too bad has touched us.  

We have had deaths of grandparents -- but none recent enough for the kids to really understands

We have felt loss of friends, the knowledge that life is but a fleeting moment... Has been made real to us and even though it hurt us and is painful it didn't quite break though the cocoon.

We have lost family through divorce-- again painful it it's way but still didn't truly affect our cocoon. 

Matt's accident as hard as it has been physically, mentally and even financially truly is slight in the scale of catastrophe.  

But still I am having to grow up as our cocoon is getting tested and weighed... We are finding out its strength.  

We have faced "drama" and life changes for our family. And part of the test is the truth that this is a lifetime... No easy fix.  

And financially we are being stretched and needing to make decisions on how we proceed.... I mean it can be as simple as cutting back, being careful and making changes or it could mean more substantial change--- serious cutting back, being very careful and making huge changes!

In the big scheme... Our "truth" is small compared to my friends son who has leukemia or the death of a friend - mom to many... And the financial changes won't put us out of house or home... It is more an inconvenience for the present. A lesson to be learned.  

So I have perspective but truthfully any change is scary sometimes... Even the small changes.  

So praying and asking for prayers... Because nothing is too small for God and HE knows our future.  He sees everything laid out before us. 

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