Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catch up.. very random.

We introduced the kids to Pinkie and the Brain.  It makes me happy.

I worked on my macro setting.... can't get my focus right. (((sigh)))

 the kids were in the FASCAR activity for Word of Life program at church-- it was great, Dave had as much fun as the kids.  :0)

We are packing...

 and packing...

and packing!

Emily had her eye appointment and she has progressed SO much that her doctor took her off patching for 3 months and on Dec 20 when we go back if she has maintained her progress she gets to stop patching for another 3 months... if she has regressed, we will start patching again.  She is very excited to have a break! 

As a reward/ treat I took the kids to the Chocolate Bar in the VillageArcade.. YUMMO.  Matt decided to have Swirl (which is next door to the Chocolate Bar), Kaitlin had ice cream, two scoops and Emily decided on design your own chocolate bar--- she chose white chocolate with gummy bears, gummy worms and marshmallows.  She enjoyed it!

And then today we went to see the A.D. Players Treasure Island... Emily's friend LR got to come along with us....

so there is my random catch up!

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