Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Day 31-40--- the one that is boring with NO pictures....

We had a light week this time...


this was Kaitlin's first day of choir but there was a parents meeting (which I later found out isn't till the 12th) so we left early but then Matt spilled gasoline all over him so we came back home and left again for choir.. just one of those things!

Had choir.

Left for a funeral all the way in Friendswood-- choir is at the Beltway and 45 north.. so it was quite the drive... by the time we got home from the funeral I was DONE and the school day never got started!


we got some school done in the morning but had history and pretty much straight to church from there... so another partially lost day. :0)


We got started late after telling the kids we were moving... and got stuck on some English problems and then Matt's handwriting and seriously by the end of all that I WAS DONE. Later we picked up math and reading but that was it! Oh and Emily reached the castle in her typing program which is a REALLY. BIG. DEAL. for her and she was totally excited!

We watched Summer Magic with Haley Mils in honor of us "flitterin'... packin up our stuff and flitterin' far"... although it's not that far!

Emily got a number of consequences.. she was in EXTRA rare form! But ended the day well and I even felt sad when I had to put her to bed at 7:45 for an earlier consequence.... SO. HARD.

Friday... I dont even have anything to write for today!

I wrote this on the 2nd and never posted it.  We SHOULD be on day 45 and I would say counting some REAL learning we are on day 40-- we will just go with that M'Kay!

We started Physics and had a history lesson which I will post separately about...

We have done math, spelling but not everything, every day, and we are behind in most things...after the move I will re-evalute our "time off" and adjust as needed... I had given us basically from before Thanksgiving until Jan 3 off so we are still good! 

I am going to pick up a consumer math workbook and do some "money" stuff, all the kids need to know how to handle a money box-- we had some issues at the garage sale!  :0)  I love "finding" our deficiencies that way vs a TAKS test!  I see an area we need to work on and we do!

So anyway this is my weekly "s" wrap up for three weeks... it will get better after the move!

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