Sunday, September 4, 2011


So all that was accomplished on Saturday was us getting boxes (and visiting with my SIL which was nice!). But really that is all that happened.

Sunday we got home from church and it is like this despondency washed over me. The house was not cleaned up and the thought of starting to pack while the house was not cleaned up just freaked me out. We started cleaning up and that led to where do we need to take this, and put this aside to give to them, and oh here a library book that was lost so go return it, and oh we have to do this before we do that....

and my attitude got more and more unsettled.

So Dave and I left.. we gave the kids their jobs (clean up their rooms) and we hit the highway.

We drove thru Sonic and I kid you not their card machine was down! I am NOT sad to be leaving this SONIC! Last week after running out of coke.. they gave me a drink with NON Sonic ice. REALLY!

We stopped by CVS to get a few cards to send and just drove around.

We got a text that went like this...

Kate: what is em supposed to be doing
Me: cleaning her room
Kate: she is helping Matt
Me: is her room done?
Kate: no
Me: Why is she helping Matt?
Kate: he is paying her in Legos

and there you have it.. Dave said very enterprising but not gonna work today.

So we headed home.

Sent Dave out to get stamps to MAIL said cards and return the library books we found (stupid library with their outrageous lost book replacement cost..... its a racket I tell you!)

I made dinner.... threw away Matt's gasoline soaked clothes from last week-- they were a lost cause.

The girls started packing some of their stuff but honestly there were so many questions I probably could have done it my self faster: but breathed through it and let them at.

SKILL LEARNED: How to use a tape runner and put boxes together!

All I can say is I am REALLY glad Dave has off tomorrow for Labor Day because we have a lot of labor we need to do around here!



Lisa said...

That is a difficult skill to master--using those tape runners. It still eludes me at times.

Sorry your day was unsettled. I hope you are able to get lots done tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm here for ya! Just keep breathing through it.