Sunday, September 25, 2011


Okay so we are moved..... again with the whewww.

I will say that we hired movers... my family decided that they would chip in if they didn't have to lug the contents of a three bedroom house out of said house and into different two story house!

But.... I have still moved, packed, shuffled, unpacked, shuffled some more, re- moved, shifted around, carried, hoisted, lugged more boxes, book cases, crates, tubs and containers than I care to THINK about right now... or ever again!

I am tired... my body doth protest.

None the less... it is done, I mean I have to unpack... and in three months re- pack a fair amount that we unpacked so that we can move, shuffle, unpack, shift around, carry, hoist and lug the boxes, book cases, crates, tubs and containers AGAIN.

But who is focusing so much on the future.. I want to live in the NOW! :0)

So for the now... I will unpack what we need:

toothbrushes, clothes, some toys and books and THE ENTIRE SCHOOL ROOM.

I will say that I am ready to get back to learnin! Ready to snaz up some lesson plans and put those kids minds to work as much as their muscles have been put to work lately!

I need to create!  Remember last year when I itched to craft... well the time is here again.  I have some cool things PINNED on Pinterest I am going to try my hand at.  I see lap books and a unit study in our future and I am ready for some PHYSICS experiments-- Brenda!

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