Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ultimately everything boils down to a choice...

We are going to move in the next 30 days back to Pasadena... we will be renting mom and dads house from them..

Big changes are happening.

It is not really a 100% perfect decision for us but we are just simply looking at it as a choice with benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • a large house
  • 3 bathrooms (we currently have 1)
  • a large school room/ game room
  • a bedroom for each kid (not necessary in life but we are happy about it currently)
  • closer to some family
  • close to some of my friends
  • a POOL
  • a large master bedroom and bathroom

did I say three bathrooms?

Negatives are:

  • we like where we are living (not in LOVE with my house) just like the area and close proximity to Dave's work.
  • I have gotten involved over here and will need to keep some of those commitments for at least this school year.
  • Dave driving to work
  • Dave not coming home for lunch
  • Dave not being 10 minutes away
  • farther from church-- where we will stay put for now
  • NOT 5 minutes from a Whole Foods ;0) I just like SAYING that!
So there you have it.... our current choice!  We are excited... as usually most positive changes in life bring some excitement!  The kids are ECSTATIC.  Beyond ECSTATIC.

Hence these pictures...


Lisa said...

Wow! That's a fairly big choice and change! I'm happy for you that you get more bathrooms and a school room--that's pretty exciting.

Brenda said...

Those pictures are a RIOT!!!

um...glad I read your blog. It would be horrible to show up at the rent house on the first time we have physics at your house.

WHAT LIKE THAT CAN'T HAPPEN??? (sitting in car dressed for tea party!!!) :)

Mommy of Two said...

Ok I seriously just saw this, those pictures are so freaking awesome! I love your kids :) So happy for ya'll!