Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 2 of Seaworld....

So today is the big day at Seaworld-- Yesterday we were only here about 7 hours, but today we were here a total of 11 hours!  Such a long, long day!  Seaworld was having all their Christmas shows and so on top of the regular shows they had extra ones too!  It was hard to fit them all in! 

First thing we headed for Shark Encounter-- which Matt had really been looking forward too. 

We headed to the other side of the park towards Shamu's Happy Harbor but stopped to ride the Flamingo Paddle Boats...

Happy Harbor was HUGE---

From there it was the Polar Express Experience... I did not experience this ride/ exhibit and missed seeing the polar bear but I went to get seats at the next show and was just unsure that I would like the ride--- I also inadvertently took the camera away with me!

We saw Clyde and Seamore in their Christmas Tale next.

We went to the Nautilus Theater to see O Wondrous Night--
it was a take on the Story of Jesus birth and it was really, really good.  I want to say that I am really impressed with Sea Worlds emphasis on Jesus, Christ and Christmas.... The play was told from the view point of the animals in the manger that night and it was really, really cute.
 There was amazing singing and dancing!

There are so many photo opportunities and and so many beautiful things to see...

of course the finale of the evening is Shamu--- but on this wonderful Christmas season special Shamu was followed by a Christmas ice skating special AND a firework show...

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