Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Shares... are all the rage with me

I do not own a time share... I am however BLESSED to be connected to family who do!  Twice we have benefited from the blessing of said timeshare!  Last time was our trip to Branson....this time was our trip to Orlando....

7 days in a beautiful, 3 bedroom apartment.

I had a fellow bloggy friend brag update us on her posh digs over Thanksgiving.... and I can one up her rain water faucet thing--- which I agree I would not like.  I was the lucky recipient of a two seater jacuzzi tub AND a baday.... which BTW... is spelled MANY different ways! 

I mean how much more fancy, smancy can ya get than a baday?  

The kids enjoyed having their own space... one kid bunked on the couch so each kid had their own bed each night and their own TV to themselves.  

Oh, and washer and dryer, in house.  SUCH a huge blessing for a vacation!

I was able to do all our breakfast in the room, some of our lunches too and all our snacks and drinks.  We were able to save a lot simply because of this fact.

I wanted to share that I made quite a deal about being very tight, money wise and we did
everything on our list PLUS some, we were not overly chintzy and came back home with
over 200 dollars to our name.  Whoo hoo! 

One thing that really helped was that we gave the kids each $50.00 in spending money. 
My mom gave them some money as part of their Christmas present
and Dave's aunt and uncle gave them their Christmas money too. 
 Needless to say the kids had plenty of spending money and pretty much got to buy what they wanted. 
 But it stopped some STUPID buys! 

For instance at Lego Land, you could buy a "license" after going through the
 Ford Driving School for a small fee of 14.99 before. 
Emily was not quite ready to hand over 14.99 when it was her money and
 quite ready for me to just make her one with my printer and laminator!

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H-Mama said...

oh my goodness... i just got caught up on your trip. amazing. our girls would have loved that, too. and the parents would have appreciated it after the exhaustion wore off! ha! we share a time-share with another couple. it's nice when we can get time off to use it. great memories, girl!!