Monday, December 12, 2011

Seaworld--- It's not a small world after all...

Being in Orlando and not going to Disney--when you KNOW how incredible Disneyworld is, especially at Christmas is hard-- just so you know.

 However, we knew when we heard about Lego Land that it was a must and we already had passes to Seaworld San Antonio that afforded us
 half price tickets to Seaworld Orlando so it was sort of a no brainer, right.

 I will say Seaworld Orlando is way BETTER than Sea World San Antonio and I love our Sea World! There is just MORE to see and do, plus there is a polar bear, and human snow globes.... just sayin'!

You get to see the "real" Shamu AND you get to pet the dolphins while feeding
them much easier than at our Seaworld!

We ended up deciding that two days were going to be needed
and THEY were!
 In fact we were hard put to get things done and we didn't ride a single ride
-- imagine if we had spent time waiting in lines for rides?

We did watch the Whale and Dolphin Show... which was great!

and of course PENGUINS!!

and lest we forget Clyde and Seamore....


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