Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...

but instead...............................

I got.

a Keurig Coffee maker from Hal and Vickie-- TOTALLY unexpected and awesome!

and a starter bracelet from my mom....

I want to say although there were other things I could have used, or would have loved, but
 these are the two BEST presents I could have gotten! 
 They were both unexpected and complete surprises and
are BOTH very, very loved and appreciated!

We had a wonderful Christmas... plenty of giving and getting.  Family and togetherness.

I am ready for what this new year brings... hesitant to imagine or set goals
that I never feel I achieve, but still holding onto the hope that I can. 

 I have a few quiet personal goals and of course the
normal lose weight, save money, blah blah goals! 
I guess I can just take the year one day at
a time... do what's right and move on.

We are packing up mom and getting our own stuff ready to remove around the house once mom and dad are moved.  The movers come on Friday.... I feel slightly overwhelmed.  I want to start school but know that getting the house set up will take some priority of the next couple of days... so I will probably start school on
Jan. 2, but we will go light and start with math, reading, language and a LOT of books. 
 I have a unit study of Little Woman to do during this week which will be fun.

  The following week of December 9 we will hit it head on full force! 

So I have two weeks to pack, unpack.. lesson plan for the next 6 weeks and school some.  No problem. 

It's all okay.. this is the year of tackling challenges head on...

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Brenda said...

Oh you just had to take it a step further with the snowman donuts, didn't you?? :)

Glad you realize school + rearranging house are not compatible.

(and I have another week to catch up on physics!:)