Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap up--

Well this is a week full on NON accomplishment, we did zero school, we are getting ready for our trip and just hanging out at home. We vegged out!

The kids and I went and saw The Best Christmas Pageant Ever done by the A.D. Players which was awesome!  Go see it if you can!

I took Kate to see We Bought a Zoo last Saturday for a sneak preview-- it is a great movie! There were a few cuss words, disturbing artwork that is appropriate in content (the boy just lost his mom to cancer) and otherwise it is a pretty great movie! I wouldn't take a young child, but Kaitlin was fine seeing it and even Matt would have been.

Monday Kate had choir and her choir Christmas party but I had to take her guinea pig to the vet--- 124 dollars later... YEAH, we have meds for the little rodent. I really am done with pets- Have I said that enough but keep getting them? ARRRGGG.

Wednesday Emily and Matt had one of their last practices for the church Christmas musical-- it will be on the 18th and it is very cute!

We are packing and leaving early tomorrow morning!!! Whoo hoo. If only I could leave without packing! It is the bad part of a vacation! We are pretty much right on target of our budget but just barely grazing by with no extras... I thought we would have more to play with but we ended up buy clothes and shoes-- you know those needed items!   But it's all good they would have been bought sooner or later, right?  We are going to have so much fun and I am very excited!!! 

Tonight is Kaitlin and Kirsten's choir performance---

she is in the back row on the left side (looking at the picture), 2nd girl from the boys

SHE did beautifully--- Kirsten did too, but I don't have pics of her on my camera---I was taking pics with Amy's!

and that about wraps up our week!

PS... did I mention we are leaving Saturday morning!!!!

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Brenda said...

Well, Matt looks like he's smarter for his week off.

And I 500% LOVE Caitlin's hair pulled up like that!!!!