Monday, December 19, 2011

Taste of Texas 2011

Our annual trek to The Taste of Texas....yummo.

I am destined to not get a great picture of the kids this year.... (((sigh)))  and yes Emily is giving Matt the bunny ears.. I tried to soften it but I still SEE IT and know you DO TOO!  The pic is all fuzzy and I was frustrated that night, but it was crowded and it's all good... we had a GREAT dinner!

However, I saw on Facebook the other day a friend lamenting the fact that she cannot manage to get a good shot of her family- no one looking awesome at the same time, and she is AN AMAZING photographer!  I mean ama.zing.  So I don't feel so bad anymore.  yeah!

We will keep working on it though....

but let there be steak first.

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Mommy of Two said...

I didn't see the bunny ears until I read it...if that's any consolation :)

I've been having a hard time getting pictures of the littles too. Every time I can get Emily to have a cute smile (instead of the awkward one) Ethan is wiggling and screaming. At least I got the cute ones in the Spring and with you!