Thursday, December 22, 2011

So gotta get me in that holiday spirit...

I thought the trip had caused me to feel un holiday"ish"... coupled along with not really having decorated with my things. But I think it is all these things wrapped together! I just did not plan anything for the week getting back and it has become the lost week... however, this week I wanted to do some holiday"ish" things!  I am however fighting a serious cold/ possible bronchitis etc thing!  I feel so very terrible!

I wanted to actually DO some of my pins on Pinterest! Some baking, some crafts....

I planned on holiday movie watching...

a drive around town for Christmas lights--- of course.

We missed Wed church because Dave's truck broke down and we had it towed-- SO not on my Christmas list.... (((stress)))  and Thursday was a Christmas celebration with extended family but Dave and I couldn't go as we are still sick and my cousin Laura (well anyway we couldn't go and get around her and possible get her sick)... tomorrow we are hopefully go to the Living Stones Christmas Train and Saturday is a candlelight service at church.

SOOOOOOOOO............ you know we will fit it all in right!

(((((( extra big sigh))))))

I did get SOME crafting done today, and some baking..... and the holiday movie watching is going!

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