Saturday, October 6, 2012

An instagram post...

Okay I have a few pics in instagram and they are just sitting there begging to be shared!  I saw the Lemonade Makin Mama did a WHOLE post on her instagram so I thought.  WHY NOT! 

So here goes...

Friday night we went out to eat as a family (doesn't happen that often!) and we ate at Kim Son's! YUMMO~  This is pan fried stick rice.. so, so, so good!

This is Baby Bee who I get to cuddle and breathe in during Keepers of the Home!  LOVE it. 

This is my bracelet.. take note of the CANDY CORN bead, the amber colored bead and a star one you cant see very well... a present form my sister- in -law Deana!  It was a great present.. she also got me a dangle snowflake and a gingerbread man...

My pup GOT hold of this mail and we had to chase her all over the house... when she finally stopped I couldn't help but take a picture.. I know GREAT TRAINING Carrie!

Have you seen these little REAL pumpkins on a stem!  I love them!

This is Riley's first destroyed toy.  AHHHH.  Memories for later....

I made Olive Gardens Gnocchi soup.. YUM.  It turned out really, really good!

If you have EVER played Minesweeper.. I am a little addicted but THAT is an awesome score, I had to screen shot it!  I have since beaten that at 4:06!  Whoop Whoop!

Hal and Vickie got a new dog... MEET MAISY!

My all time favorite outfit/ necklace combo!  I love it.  It makes me happy!

Because I had too.  I mean GOOD NIGHT IPAD!  But truly it is a sign of the times!


Brenda said...

Bee agrees. That is her favorite necklace too.

H-Mama said...

thank heavens for instagram. blogging on the go! gotta love it. ;)