Thursday, October 25, 2012

through the years thursday-- Garner

okay another Through the Years post about Garner.... we have gone to Garner almost every year since Kaitlin was 11 months old.

My family also went when I was a child AND my mom's family went when she was a child....

I love this tradition.

I. love. this. tradition.

*The first year we tent camped and Brett and Amy had an RV.

*The second year we rented cabins in old Garner-- which are very nice for the most part.

*Since then we have rented a lodge on the other side of the river from Garner but still a part of the state park. There is a huge dining hall/ cooking area, bathrooms and five dorm style cabins with 8 bunks. You can have up to 40 people at a time. It is beautiful and we are only a few feet from our own access to the river....




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