Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cherry Berry-- SPOONS

Our home school group has a few get togethers that are focused on our young adults... Kate and Matt have been participating most of the summer.  Each month we meet at Buck's Pizza and Cherry Berry for a fun get together...this past Sunday was our day to meet.  The kids really look forward to this...

A few weeks ago we were introduced to the game of SPOONS.  I played it in high school a few times but have not played in years and years.  It is so much fun!  I am glad that the kids were taught to play and we will absolutely play at home too!

Here are the kids and adults alike playing SPOONS.

This is all nice and peaceful, but let me tell you it got COMPETITIVE!  Kaitlin lunged across the table at one point!  People were grabbing spoons like crazy!  However dangerous.. it is FUN!

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