Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keepers of the Home...

We had another Keepers of the Home meeting last week....

The girls worked on making sympathy cards

for a friend in the home school group who lost his grandmother this week.  They did really well.. we were talking about a few different ways to say you are sorry and talking about what to put on the cards... the girls were able to come up with a few specials to say they were sorry for his loss.

 It was a good way to learn about:
 hospitality ( in the sense of caring for others,
a craft skill of actually making the card itself and
a learning experience to know what can be done to think of others. 
We started our quilting badge:
we are using fleece and tying the ends in knots (one of my favorite blankets).. we got one that could be used for a female and one for a male.  The girls cut the strips out of the end of each
piece of fleece and then tied them...
It is easy and doesn't take that long, we hope to make several over the next few months
to take to a nursing home.
and we still had time to scrapbook
our page from making soup last meeting!
The girls worked so hard and they are learning about making layouts, being mindful of what is in the picture and being creative in using stickers, drawing and other tools.

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H-Mama said...

fun! you make this look so tempting. my girls would love this... but where to put it on the calendar? sigh.