Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mystery of History- Vol 1...Week 2

We begin by reviewing our Memory Cards and Pre test notecards.
Next we took the PRE-TEST for Week 2


The girls did a question and answer on NOAH.

We used the MOH color sheet.


and truthfully we watched EVAN ALMIGHTY (because well you just gotta)
(disclaimer: this movie is rated PG for mild humor)

Lesson 5- The Ice Age

We tried to make our own greenhouse to demonstrate a vapor cloud, but I don't think it did what it was supposed to... we might try again!

Lesson 6- Dinosaurs

We did a mini lapbook on Dinosaurs (as we are going over dinosaurs in Science, very briefly this week also)
I found all the components at HOMESCHOOL Share

We made fossil cookies


We did mapping in our Geography notebook.

We also added to our timeline.

We also made our MEMORY CARDS.

We finished up with the PRE- TEST to see what we had learned.

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