Saturday, November 10, 2012

Princess Culture, Mommy Wars and Princess isn't a Career....

Okay there is a huge, HUGE backlash about "princesses".  There are so many woman who have a huge problem with princesses, mostly Disney, but also with pretty much ANY princess.  It stems from the fact that in fairy tales the princess are all rescued from a MAN and that princess are responsible for over sexualizing girls. (UM hmmmmm.) Really.  And BTW they add American Girls into the whole debacle--- cuz they are SO over sexualizing. 

article 2  doesn't like it but fails to uphold his battle over princess culture (SHOCKING HIS GIRLS WANT TO ACT LIKE GIRLS)
article 3 The Disney Princess divide: The next mommy wars?
article 4 many articles as it is the top book writer's blog apparently... loads of "good stuff" here.
article 5 I like when the other professor says "lighten up.. Barbies haven't ruined girls and they have been around 60 years"
article 6 here she starts out saying how a little girl came and PLAYED with all the others but she was in a princess dress--- then goes on to say how being dressed that way limits play.  WHAT?
article 7 I love how they keep saying it is sexualizing girls too early and then say something silly like that have Disney at 3, Bratz at 5, and Kardashian girls at 10.. UM DON'T LET THEM!!!!!
article 8  from a mans perspective.. but I still say UM or you could tell the men to NOT ogle the 16 year old cheerleader.... !
article 9  actually more concerned with the "humanizing the witch" concept from the movie but whatev
wow video from Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media (yes, that's the name)
Now I don't have a huge problem with the "CONCEPT" of this video but, number one the kids seemed mostly surprised that it was the same person-- as they were not expecting that. Plus they had already pictured in their head who these people were so they needed to a second to adjust.. I don't think they were SHOCKED it was a girl cuz girls should be at home with an apron on.  :0)  I do have some issues with the last statement "Everyone has the right to choose what they want to be"  I don't think that is a right.. you might say privilege but I don't know that it is a right.  Thoughts..

Okay I digress, so back to the video below. 
First, I would think Princess Diana would feel differently but heck she was only one of the most renowned women Behind Mother Theresa in the world)
Second, UM a teacher, career, career, career and EVEN a scientist.  REALLY?
Third, I just don't like that lady very much.
Fourth, WHY IN THE world have the feminist-- woman backing up other woman, standing strong for the race and all that jazz NOT insisted on the woman supreme court justices getting to wear a different neck thingy?

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