Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yesterday and Today...

okay.... here is my last two days and some pretty, pretty pictures from Garner.
I have been DOING way more in the last two days than I have done in two weeks!

We have had one or more sick people SINCE Garner...
we had two good days last week and that was it! SO crazy!

I cleaned (and boy was it needed-- still not done),
did errands..

returned a bunch of stuff, dry cleaning, bank... etc. 
Got together stuff needing to go to other people... ready to GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE!

I did school with Emily
CLEANED the school room and got my new bookshelves in order!

shopped at the grocery store
cooked dinner (YEAH)
washed clothes,

yelled at my kids... really, actually yelled (doesn't happen that often-- I am sarcastic, I am loud, I am a TALKER... but I don't yell that often.... this morning I did)

But, I settled down and spoke with them calmly... explained what was expected of them and laid down the law... it felt good.

I kept 10 kids (they were all really, really good)
made funnel cake-- it was good too.
did school with Mary Faith and Emily for almost 5 hours straight-- one little break.

and I cleaned.
I also took Kaitlin to her officer meeting for 4-H

Done.  Well till tomorrow at least... plus that last load of laundry tonight!

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