Friday, November 9, 2012

Rocking the Vote @ Bayshore.... teaching a new generation. Nov 2012


I cannot begin to express how important I feel it is to teach this next generation about the importance of voting.  It is absolutely imperative.  Did you know that there is approximately 207,643,594 eligible voters, and as of Tuesday... only appx. 140,000,000 voted.. Where were 50 million + voters? 

I will tell you where they were.... at home.  They thought I don't like either candidate so I just won't vote.  Well, your vote is your vote, but your non vote is harmful.  You at the least could have voted for the libertarian Gary Johnson, I wont even venture towards the Green Party's candidate.  :0)  But instead you didn't let your voice be heard at all.   I think that is sad... there is no such thing as "the lesser evil"... I promise you one IS more evil than the other.  There is bad about both candidates... but more good than bad in one of them!

Anyhow, it's over... the people (who voted) have spoken.  I hope to raise up this next generation to make their voices heard.....and to SPEAK not only on election day... but in every vote... county officials, congress, judges, boards of education, sheriff.... IT all matters. 

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