Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: week 9 2012-2013

{day 64-66}

Well... not as productive as I imagined but it's all good.  We had an awesome school day on Monday-- and I mean awesome! Tuesday, a lot of work was done and that was great... Wednesday was actually a good work day we just had less time so a little less was accomplished... Thursday was a bust with the exception of math and finishing the Joseph movie and Friday was a no go!

Anyway you look at it we got a lot of work done and I suppose that is better than the previous two weeks! Right!


The girls worked on Mystery of History, we learned about the Minoans.. the kids watched some movies on Atlantis for fun.  

We worked on adjectives in English--

Our new memory verse is one of my favorite verses...

We finished up learning about marsupials and jumped liked kangaroos.. (who can jump up to 30 feet) our girls can jump 42-49 inches-- so just at or under 4 feet!

We started the birds section of our science book and learned about how the different kinds of birds are broken down into groups by their distinct differences...

The girls started working on a bird craft!

We also did the story of Jacob and had a great conversation about monogamy, marriage relations, s*x, and how it's different today.... good times!

We worked on Abrahams family tree...

and YES, I have Leah and Rachel switched.... I realized AFTER we finished so we have to go back and change it!  argggg! 

Emily has been working on this horse paint by numbers...

and next week is Thansgiving... but we are hopefully going to get two days of work done!  I will let you know next week how that goes!

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