Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: week 8 2012-2013

{day 60-63}

Well we had another abnormal week... Kaitlin ended up getting sick on Sunday night and we didn't end up doing a full day of school till Thursday!  I did give MF assignments for the rest of the week and Emily did work all week, but Kate and Matt ended up doing a weeks worth of work, minus English and Science, in about 3 days.

Hoping to a have a productive week this next few school days!

I have zero pics besides this:

I gave Emily the Saxon math placement test. She thought it was to hard and mostly is upset about switching math books as she finds Math U See easy. So there were tears...

Notice the large snot bubble. Charming, eh?

Next set shows when she figured out how to solve the "too hard" question all on her own.

I like the second one better. Although I am a fan of snot bubbles.

On a second note... she got 13 out of 16 on the 5/4 test (missing division- which she hasn't been taught and decimals points. Which I think she could have gotten but she didn't)   She got 9 out of 16 on 6/5 again missing division, decimals and fractions.... SO we are at the same point as we are with MATT--- she could be ahead in math if ONLY she had been introduced to said missing areas.  I think we are going to take the same course as we did with Matt.. work on those things through Christmas and re-take the placement test in Jan and see where we are.  (((sigh)))

Next Sunday Sum:  I am hoping to have pictures of ALL our fabulous learning we had going on all week long!

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