Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mystery of History- Vol 1...Week 4

We took our PRE-TEST.

Lesson 10- Stonehenge

We made Stonehenge out of Lego's.

Lesson 11- Early Egyptians

We mummified each other!



we watched a video link of Egypt


Lesson 12- Minoan Civilization

We played Leap Frog-- which the Minoans were apparently known for.

We learned about Crete and how Plato could have been writing about the Minoans when he wrote about the lost city of Atlantis...
and FOR FUN... we watched
" a peck pop of love"  (lol) (warning: there is a some potty humor, and stuff it is definitely PG)

(this one was neat because he actually mentions how the civilization is like the Sumerians etc.  so the kids recognized the names of a few ancient civilizations.)  ( warning-- there is a fair amount of mysticism if you can call it that.. the Atlantians get their "power" source from their gods..."

We made our MEMORY CARDS and Review cards
We mapped in our geography folders.


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