Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mystery of History- Vol 1...Week 3

We reviewed our MEMORY cards and PRE- TEST notecards.

We took our PRE-TEST for Week 3

Lesson 7- The Summerians


The girls also started working on a small model of the NILE River, Euphrates River, a ziggurat


We did the MOH color sheet.

We did a notebooking page on Summarians
a notebooking page on cuneiforms

Lesson 8- Tower of Babel

We did a craft

Lesson 9 - Gilgamesh

We read the EPIC of GILGAMESH.


We made a venn diagram of the similarities and difference of Gilgamesh/ The Bible. 

We added to our timeline.

We did our mapping work in our geography folders.
We made our MEMORY CARDS.
We took our PRE-TEST again to see what we have learned.

We did week 3 Excercise.. but we earned reward stickers for right answers! Not money!

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